Tasting Notebook

Rolling Form Rum

Release 1: 4-year-old small batch Jamaican rum

Color: medium golden brown. We don’t add food coloring or caramel coloring to our rum. Like Scotch, rum generally gets aged in used cooperage (i.e., a barrel that held something else previously, generally bourbon). Hence, pure rum should generally be lighter in color than bourbon (which is aged in a new barrel). If you see a younger rum that is darker that this rum, it is a safe bet that it has coloring or something else in it.

Nose: banana, vanilla, caramelized sugar, citrus, baking spices. If you’re having problems picking up different aromas, we recommend the Glencairn tasting glass, which was designed to concentrate aromas specifically for this purpose.

Flavor: banana, oak, dark fruit, caramelized sugar, candy, with a light oak finish and baking spice finish. What really drew us to this particular rum is the fruit and floral forward flavor profile—not something that you will encounter in many of the mass-produced rums which aim for uninspiring.